My Introduction

Hello Everyone,

My name is ASMI and this my first attempt to join with the millions of people like me and also those not like me. Like me! Yes I am Autistic.

I am 8 years old non verbal girl. So, is that means I can’t communicate, No. I do communicate with my actions.

Some of you must be wondering what is Autism, even my mother wondered when my paediatrician told her that your child is Autistic. So, is this a medical issue? No, it isn’t.

Autism or in medical parlance ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a neuro-developmental condition which affects our Behaviour, communication and social interaction. So what does that mean.

I find it difficult to socially engage with people around me, I actually don’t know how to engage with people around and love to be alone, on my own. I am happy with that. But doctor says it’s a challenge and my parents need to bring me among the people/kids around.

I find it difficult to communicate, I have the vocabulary but I don’t know how to use it. You ask me the name of any object, colour anything, I will name it but I don’t know how to use them to make sentences.

I am very sensitive to some smells and that irritates me to the extent that I sometimes get hyper to get away from those smells, similarly few particular noises irritate me.

But the good thing is that I never forget the people, situations and the objects I see. I can recall them. People say that Autistic person possess unique strengths and abilities and some excel in the areas of interest. I wonder what are my areas of strength? I like to sing, play music on musical keyboard, solve puzzles etc but I never understood the games having the rules which children play in the parks.

So today was the glimpse of me, hope you liked it.

Goodbye, take care.

Love Asmi

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